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Shoutbox for Inter-Member Chats
Admin: Note to the ProBoards programmers: there should be an option here to increase the size of the text used in the Shoutbox. On a big laptop the print is too small. Aug 17, 2016 13:18:04 GMT
Admin: Smiley test. :) :P :| :'( >:( :D :( ::) ;) 8-) ;-| ??? :o (rofl) x_x 8D (puke) :)) O_o >:D :-X :-* 8-| B-| :-/ (zzz) :-[ :-S P-) (:)) Aug 17, 2016 13:15:42 GMT
Admin: I tried all the smileys but only one showed up, probably because I exceeded the character limit. Next posting will be only smileys to see how they look. Aug 17, 2016 13:14:22 GMT
Admin: OK, now we turn to the formatting options. Bold face type. Italic type. Underlining. Crossing out by lining through. Smileys :). :P Aug 17, 2016 13:11:12 GMT
Admin: It appears as if there is a back and forth dialogue between two posters, the second posting is treated as a reply, which it does not have to be. It could be a new unrelated posting. Aug 17, 2016 13:01:25 GMT
Admin: As I discovered in writing the previous shout, the posting shoutbox limit is 255 characters for any one shout.... Aug 17, 2016 13:00:05 GMT
Admin: I am doing some experimenting with the ProBoards functions. That accounts for the following Shoutbox postings. It is not intended as a "reply" to anyone so I am interested as to how ProBoards treats this ShoutBox posting, since only a reply option is shown Aug 17, 2016 12:59:08 GMT
Admin: Eddie, Good question! The idea is not mine but comes out of the so-called Latvian TEIKAS, which are "folk tales", surely rooted in the Latvian word TEIKT "to say" (see Aug 14, 2016 19:55:12 GMT *
eddie: Andis, In your email of Aug 10, "Proto-European prehistoric peoples wished to 'fill' stones with life, for the ancients were puzzles that 'stones did not grow' as other things in nature did." That is a very interesting idea. How did you develop? Tks, Aug 13, 2016 22:07:25 GMT